My full name remains nonplussed.
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Google Plus told me a while ago that I was pre-approved for a custom URL: I wanted it to be displayed a certain way, so I changed my nickname several times while being fickle about how it should appear. Now it says there's a limit on how often I can change my name, and I've reached it. Will I be able to change my name (nickname and display name) in the future, and if so, how can I figure out when? It's already been several months.
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There is a finite number of times you can change your name on Google Plus, and you have reached it. Since G+ is so new, it's hard to tell if you will get a second chance, but you could try posing the question in the official Google + Help Community.

It's moderated by official Google "volunteer community moderators" so you should get a quick answer!
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Ah, I've been turned off to the Google Groups support they usually use to their products, but hopefully this will be better. Thanks!
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