Interstuhl "Fit Chair" knockoffs?
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My kids are in love with the Interstuhl Fit Chair which, as far as I can find, costs roughly one bazillion dollars. Has anyone seen a more reasonably priced version?

Yes, I know knockoffs are evil; let's presume I feel bad about this and move on. I live near Seattle and would rather buy this in person, but am willing to shop on-line if needed.
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This waffle chair from Target is a pretty loose interpretation of the same general concept, but the price is certainly right.
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Came in because I thought of that very same waffle chair from Target! There is also a bungee chair based on the same idea.
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I thought of this Still not a dupe of what you linked to, but you could get it in person.
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The Ikea Locksta has the stretchy fabric over a metal frame thing going on but looks more like a traditional chair.
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I just saw a few chairs at REI that might fit the bill.
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Jane is probably referring to the Alite chairs that come in gotta-balance and four-legged versions. They are quite comfy but designed to be light rather than durable.
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Bungie chair
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Oh this, but it's out of stock Addesso Chill Folding Chair
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FYI, the Fit chair doesn't hold up to a ton of abuse. I know this from professional experience. Be warned against buying a knockoff and winding up with a saggy, snagged and dirty chair in short order.
That said, your kid may be kinder to furniture than the public situation I put it in.
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