Looking for interesting part-time work in NYC
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Can you suggest particular jobs and places to look for jobs?

I welcome fun and creative suggestions in addition to the more serious ones!

I am a lady in my early thirties working full-time who is interested in getting an additional, part-time job.

My primary motivations for doing work on the side are, in order of most to least important: making money, making professional/personal contacts, learning something new, having fun.

My main job is Monday through Friday, roughly 9 to 5. I could work weekends, at most 1-2 weekday evenings, or something task/project based that I could work on whenever I wanted.

My bread and butter is social science/public health research. I've worked in this field for 10 years on a number of different projects at different institutions so I feel like I've done it all at some point: IRBs, literature reviews, human subject recruitment, data collection from human subjects, working with large, existing datasets (think federal government), hiring and managing research assistants, managing a lab, data cleaning, coding in different software programs, mapping/GIS, analysis (under direction), writing of various kinds.

As far as side skills/interests: Writing is great fun, and I actually thought about transitioning into a more writing based career like advertising or technical writing before I got my most recent position. I enjoy meeting new people. I'm physically active and spend time outside. I like books, fashion, animals, humor, eating. Of course also history/science/politics/news/travel. I'm not good with kids, make-up, alcohol, sports, or cooking. Novelty is good. Routine is bad.

I would have no problem trying out retail or the service sector, but I've never worked in these fields before so I haven't bothered to apply for anything, especially since it's my understanding that the most desirable jobs (fancy restaurants that would yield high tips, weekend shifts) go to people with experience. Is this assumption correct?

I think I'm familiar with most of the college-student esque ways to pick up extra dough (donating plasma, research studies, focus groups) but if anyone has specific suggestions. (Such-and-such place pays the best for quality plasma!) that would be lovely.

So, again, I'm looking for suggestions and feedback on particular types of jobs but also places to look for jobs. I'm familiarwith general resources like Idealist, but are there any New York specific websites that I should be checking out? Particular businesses and organizations? I checked out Craigslist, but it seems like the wild, wild West of gigs and part-time work.

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Times Square has a ton of exhibit halls that always need cashiers and hosts.
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Tour Guide? You could work as a guide for a while and get the job down.

And then, assuming there are conferences for social sciences/public health that attract people from other parts of the country/world, you could potentially make a small side business giving tours to people that visit NYC for the conferences. Maybe tailoring them to the topics in the conference? That would add the professional networking aspect.
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I moonlighted at Macys for years and had a BALL doing it.

Retail is pretty stress free. You ring people up, you clean out fitting rooms and you make sure things look nice, then you leave. I worked one weekend day, and a couple of evenings during the work week.

The money is pretty great (we were on commission, we CLEANED UP at Christmas) AND you get an employee discount.

I did it for some extra cash and for something to do, since I had a hellacious commute.

I am still friends with the folks I worked with and we had some really fun times.

When it was quiet, we'd shop around the store and then put on fashion shows for each other. Then we'd put aside what we wanted and buy them on a sale day.

You do need comfortable shoes though. Just go on-line and apply directly on the Macy's website.

If you're social, be a bar maid at a neighborhood joint. You'll make drinks for regulars (mostly just pulling beers) and socialize with people. Again, decent money, but more importantly, fun. The only issue is that bars are open later than stores, so if you need a good night's sleep, you may only want to work Fridays and Saturdays.
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