Video Downloadhelper has stopped working.
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Can anyone point me in the direction of something that works?

So, I download videos off the net (primarily Youtube) mostly as an aid to my class lectures (class about music and culture). I have up until recently used the Firefox add-on Video Downloadhelper. It used to work great. It then began to lose functionality and now it is pretty much useless. Does anyone know of add-ons or other means of downloading videos (particularly from the big sites: Youtube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, etc.)? I have searched but I've not yet come up with anything viable.
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I use keepvid for the same purpose; it works great.
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Flash and Video Download works for me
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Youtube-dl. I've only used it for youtube, but the list of supported sites is impressive. A standalone, open source program that runs on all the major platforms. There's no gui but the basic commands are relatively straightforward. Point it at a youtube playlist and it downloads every video.
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Ant Video Downloader and Player is one I've used successfully.
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Just last week I had a YT video that wouldn't work via the Download Helper extension, and the website Savedeo saved the day.

A simple copy-and-paste does it.
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Response by poster: I'm off to try all of these suggestions. You folks are great! Thanks!
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Savedeo worked great for me, just doing the occasional download. Thanks.
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