Looking for regularly posted interesting content about Minecraft
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I'm looking for people who are regularly posting interesting/unusual content about Minecraft. Examples would be unusual Let's Play type series like the Far Lands or Bust series that recently got written up in the New Yorker. Written content or public servers where more interesting than usual activities are going on also work.

I'm looking at getting more immersed in Minecraft culture for a work opportunity. I play a bit and have a child who's very into it, and I've seen the 2 Player Productions Minecraft: The Story of Mojang video so I understand all the basics and I think I have a pretty good insight into who are the relative Minecraft "celebrities" like Yogcast and SkyDoesMinecraft.

Recommendations of websites, YouTube play series, other documentary-type video, and longer-form writing or articles like the linked New Yorker piece are all welcome.
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Have you set up a Google Alert for Minecraft?
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Look into MinecraftEdu. There are a whole lot of teachers and academics writing about using minecraft in the classroom, so you should be able to find more content there. I follow @MinecraftTeachr on twitter, you will definitely find some linked articles and blog posts there.
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My son (10 years old) loves watching videos starring Tobuscus. Apparently he, and a lot of other Minecraft 'celebrities,' have a series of videos of them playing Minecraft on a Hunger Games server. I know for certain that my son watched 30+ videos from just that series on Monday, and each one is 2 or 3 minutes long.
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My 4 year old loves the British Minecraft Youtubers Stampylonghead and iBallisticSquid. Strangely enough, we are not British. Their Let's Play videos are posted daily and are usually 20 to 25 minutes long.
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It's not a great daily read for your purposes (a lot of memes, comics, and other jokes), but I'd check the top posts on the Minecraft subreddit every week or so. Top story this week, for instance, is a post working out how strong the player character would have to be to tote all that ore.
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Nthing Stampylonghead. My son LOVES Stampy and watches his videos all the time.
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Thanks everyone who answered.
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