Chrome full screen to a second monitor
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I am having a hard time making Chrome go full screen on my second display without making the primary display unusable (OSX 10.8).

My work iMac was recently updated to OSX 10.8 (from 10.6, I think). Previously, I could make a Chrome window go fullscreen on my second display only. This was great for displaying a presentation on my classroom projector while still retaining full control of iTunes, or for using the "presenter notes" feature in Chrome, which displays the notes in a second window.

With the update, now Chrome goes "full screen" and makes my other monitor unusable - it goes to the grey background / backdrop thing. Brief Googling around tells me this is a known issue.

Is there any workaround? Right now it completely sucks to be unable to use presenter notes or control things on the main display while I'm showing a presentation. Unfortunately, installing Mavericks is NOT an option, as our district's IT department won't support it yet.
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BetterTouchTool has a drag-to-snap window management powertoy built in that would let you pseudo-fullscreen it on the second display quite trivially. (That, among its myriad other benefits - I can't stand using a Mac without that program at this point.) You'd still be stuck with the title bar, though, if that's a problem.
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Response by poster: Thanks, fifthrider. That looks cool and I should be able to get my building IT guy to install it for me. The menubar thing is not a big deal.

I still can't believe that there isn't another way to do this, though!
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