Instrumental songs with similar energy to the William Tell Overture
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I'm looking for instrumental songs that have a similar energy to the finale of the William Tell Overture. Genre doesn't really matter, but tone shouldn't be dark. What does: a big call to action, the sense that things are getting bigger and bigger and, most importantly, a tempo that feels like it's almost careening out of control. I've already perused this thread.
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The Pirates of the Caribbean theme? Hearing it while watching a marathon made me start running 10ks...
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Foggy Mountain Breakdown
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The overture from Candide by Leonard Bernstein. Vivaldi - Concerto "alla rustica" in G-major, RV 151 (used in the film All That Jazz). The scherzo from Beethoven Symphony #9. Smetana's Moldau has sections that fit the bill.
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1812 Overture (with cannons)
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The finale from Kalinnikov's Symphony 1 in g.

Third Suite by Robert Jager, most certainly the Rondo (movement 3). FYI, the three movements are March, Waltz, Rondo. The March is in 7/4 (with bits of 5), Waltz is in 5/4 (more precisely 3/4|2/4), and the Rondo is in 6/8. I played the piece in college with a conductor who was really feeling his oats at the concert and ran the tempo at the top of the Rondo at what he usually ran it at the recapitulation accelerando in the final 16 bars. Brutal.
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Shostakovich's Festive Overture. Even more intense by an 8 trumpet ensemble.
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Wuthering Heights - Bad Hobbits Die Hard
Korpiklaani - Pine Woods, Running with the Wolves, Pixies Dance + Juokse Sinä Humma
(~90% Instrumental) Turisas - Sahti-Waari, In the Court of Jarisleif
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Rossini, Signor Crescendo, has plenty of other energetic music...
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This is fun.
The Children of Sanchez.
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a tempo that feels like it's almost careening out of control

John Adams' Short Ride in a Fast Machine and Lollapalooza both scratch that particular itch.
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If you're interested in alternate versions, Flight of the Valkyries done for Daniel Bryan (YES! YES! YES!) has some of that feel.
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Fourth movement from Tchaikovsky's Fourth Symphony.
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Into the Arena?
Other versions available, of course, but I like the ragged charm of this version.

Prokofiev's Classical Symphony, 4th movement
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I have a playlist called "really fast" for this purpose! It has:
The Dance of the Hours

Folk Dances by Shostakovitch

Armenian Dances, Part 1, by Alfred Reed

Dance of the Comedians, by Smetana

Some of these take a bit to get to the fast bit, but are all the better for it when they finally get there.
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Aram Khachaturian - Sabre Dance

The Hockey Night in Canada theme song is pretty good too.
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Gustav Holst's The Planets, especially Mars (which does take a little while to get started) and Jupiter.

Dvorak's Slavonic Dances. Some are more energetic than others but on the whole they're pretty genki.

It's a bit out there but you could try Lamento di Tristano; it starts out extremely meditatively but wait till you get to about 4.30.

I also really like Celtic music for this. Start listening to a bunch of Irish or Scottish jigs and reels. Impossible to sit still! (Altan is also one of the best bands EVAR.)
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In the hall of the mountain king, Power House ,Beetle juice intro some of these are a it slow to start, but that is what makes them work.
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Circus Galop by Marc-André Hamelin
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