Why I can't sign up for google apps with the domain I own?
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Why can't I sign up for google apps with the domain I own? Weird troubleshooting loop, I'm probably doing something wrong that is really obvious.

I am trying to sign my institution up for "google apps for education" so that we can have @domain.org email addresses. In the sign-up process, I get the following message:

"This domain has already been signed up for a Google Apps edition or Postini product. Check out our Signup Troubleshooter to help guide in troubleshooting this issue."

The Troubleshooter is not helpful. When I tried it yesterday it send me in an endless loop. When I tried it today, it had changed - their only advice is that if someone attempted to fake ownership of my domain and didn't get through the verification process, it would release the domain in five days.

I am positive that no one else has attempted to sign up for Google Apps from my organization. Is there anything I am missing here? Anything I can do? Changing to a new domain is not an option.
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You'll probably have to email support and get them to clear out any old Google Apps or Postini account information regarding your domain. A while ago I had to do just that because I at one point had used Postini on my domain, and I couldn't sign up for Apps. Is it possible you had Postini (which used to not be owned by Google) on that domain at some point, even years ago?
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I solved my own problem, I am posting here for others' reference.

Zsazsa is correct that I needed google support to help me clear away an old account that was using my domain, probably before I purchased this domain (I've only had it since October). However, I was not able to email google support because they don't do email support for free products.

So instead I posted on the product forums and a google advisor had me post a TXT entry to my DNS to verify my ownership, then someone else from support emailed me to further verify my ownership, and now they say they are clearing the old account so I will be able to sign up.
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