Help! My cell phone sleeve needs closure!
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So, I have this very nice cell phone sleeve (number 11) -- but because it is open at one end, my IPhone 5 is prone to making suicidal plunges out of it. I need a small strap, perhaps an inch and a half long, preferably with a quick release like Velcro or a snap. And it needs to glue on securely and not be hideous on my case. Any ideas, craft-y MeFis? My Google fu got me nowhere.
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Hmm, what about a piece of double-stick tape between the back of the phone and the inside back of the cover? It sounds like it just needs a little encouragement to stay put.
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That's a good thought but then there won't be space for the phone. The case is a perfect fit without extra room at the opening. That's why I need a short strap, I think.

Also, don't want to have the phone in contact with something sticky.
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You are referring to a sleeve with an "opening" but your link goes to a cover that snaps on the phone. Could you confirm that you have a cover that is supposed to stay attached to the phone even when it's in use, rather than a sleeve that you remove the phone from entirely every time you use it? The solution will be very different depending on the problem.
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Make a little strap out of a bit of ribbon or elastic or something, and glue it to the case with 5 minute epoxy.

But really, double stick tape comes in a very thin thickness. If there's enough play for your phone to slip out of the case on accident, there's enough room to get some double stick tape in there.
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It is a sleeve. I checked my link again and don't see a snap on cover, but my sleeve. The whole phone slides out of the sleeve when in use.

Re the strap idea, I agree but need the strap to close the opening of the sleeve so the phone doesn't fall out of the sleeve, so need to find a little strap with a snap or Velcro closure. But where?

I really don't want to use double sided tape. I like my phone free of contact with adhesives.
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Could you sew a button loop closure on the open end? I have one on my Kindle sleeve, it is very nice.
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I also see covers on your link and not sleeves. They look like thick plastic, but I am assuming your sleeve is made of fabric. I browsed around and see laptop and tablet sleeves and they look like they are made of fabric.

Assuming your sleeve is fabric, I think glue would look weird. How are you at sewing? I would buy about two inches of elastic from a fabric store that will sell by the inch. They may have a 4 inch minimum, but it still should not cost too much. I'd go with something at least 1/2 inch wide, maybe wider. Also, they should sell sew-on velcro strips by the inch. Buy an inch of it or as little as they will sell you. You want it to be the same width as your elastic or slightly narrower. Sew the rougher side of the velcro to the front of the sleeve and the fuzzier side to one end of the elastic. Sew the remaining edge of the elastic to the back of the sleeve. JoAnn fabrics should sell these items by the inch, but if you can't find them, you could probably buy similar items in pre-cut packages anywhere that sells sewing supplies.

If that doesn't keep the phone in, I'd try a larger piece of fabric and make a pocket flap with velcro or a button.

If I am wrong and your sleeve is hard plastic or like the fake leather one I had for my blackberry, you could still use velcro and elastic, just get the sticky-back velcro and put it on both the front and the back of the sleeve and both ends of the elastic. I'd still sew it to the elastic to be safe.
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Put a rubber band around the whole thing.
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Hmm, the material feels and looks like leather on the exterior, and I just don't think sewing would work. I need something like what TPS and soelo are suggesting that can be glued on. But where do I find that?

I love this cover almost as much as my phone and a rubber band appeals about as much as double sided tape.
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A silicone band, like those wrist bands, in a colour that you like?
(I can't see the sleeve either.)
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You might try making fastenings out of sugru, a sort of self-setting rubber modelling clay, and some nice quality string or wool to fasten around it. Sugru doesn't stick to everything, but you could use an appropriate glue if it won't bond by itself.
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Sadly, no resolution here but I appreciate the contributions. I finally just bought a different sleeve with a button closure from Etsy. I like the new sleeve but am still thinking about how to make the old one work.
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