Wipe-on wound protectant
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A friend fell and scraped herself badly while she was in Mexico. The ambulance crew that came cleaned the scrape and then took some goop out of a jar and wiped it over the wound in a single pass. It dried into something resembling cheesecloth. What was this stuff?

This stuff did not wash off, but came off when the scabs came off. She has tried liquid bandages -- not even close. She has also talked to ambulance crews in Vancouver and emergency preparedness crews, and no one has any idea. She'd like to have some of this stuff -- does anyone have any idea what it is called and where to get it?
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It may have been Amorphous Hydrogel
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Thanks islander, it does sound close, but she says it came in a jar and must have had the fibers within the goop.
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If Mexican EMS is anything like US EMS, everything that happened on that call would have been documented and maybe even laid out beforehand in the standing orders. If your friend can track down either the report from that call or even just the standing orders for that ambulance, she'll be able to find that thing. Or even just call the ambulance company and ask. They won't discuss her specific case on the telephone, probably, but they wll probably answer generically. Most EMS people I know love to talk to their former patients, especially the appreciative, alive ones.
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