Please recomend some scary stuff
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I'm just starting to look into creepypasta and scary ARG style stuff, and would love some recommendations from those in the know.

I'm especially interested in "found footage" (of any media) stuff like Marble Hornets, or things in blog post format like Ted the Caver.

Things I know about already:
Marble Hornets
Everyman Hybrid
Ted the Caver
Whatever that one about the Zelda Game is.
Candle Cove
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Various previouslies.
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Also the following terribly-titled-but-otherwise-not-dreadful series of articles: Creepy Things That Seem Real But Aren't (spread over two pages).

Contains the Montauk Project, Dyatlov Pass, Indian Lake Project and various other hoary old classics.
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I guess I don't understand why the Dyatlov Pass Incident is included in that series - something did really happen, and the article about it says so ("Here’s the scariest part: All of this is absolutely, 100% true.") That's not to say it was aliens or whatever, but those people were really dead.
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If you see her, turn off the game. You'll want to navigate to the beginning of the story and read the posts in order.
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I enjoyed a lot of the creepypasta on this list -- especially Pale Luna and Anasi's Goatman Story.
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Not found footage, but if you haven't seen the Bongcheong-Dong Ghost (aka 'That Scary-Ass Korean Webcomic') yet I think you're missing out.
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