ISP: Web Hosting Control Panel, cPanel, Plesk and OSS solutions
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ISP: Web Hosting Control Panel, cPanel, Plesk and OSS solutions. Are they generally complete systems, front-end AND back-end? How are they designed technically, and is it worth using as an ISP. More inside!

So, we have our own design, NFS storage, LDAP for accounts replicating and running on localhosts, in clusters. MySQL db for customer data and billing. This has many advantages; any server can be rebooted (maintenance, failure etc) and there is no customer impact. And we do have a "Customer Control Panel" for use in Japan but this can not (easily) be used.

Launching new service overseas, and need a control panel. One idea was to roll out a quick solution using cPanel, or Plesk. But I am unsure how they are designed. They appear to be set up with one big MySQL for everything (could be clustered sure, but complete system outage if you do need to bring it down). And customers belong to a specific server, not clustered ? What's it like trying to add a new (unique) feature? Troubleshooting?

My view is that it is a shame to drop our existing setup, as it runs rather well (called twice in 2013 for trouble, which I consider a nice low number) but it needs a front-end.

Or are there some OSS control panels which are just the front end, and we plug in our own provisioning scripts. Is this what cPanel/plesk is as well?

What is it like to work to work with the existing solutions?

We are running Unix. As for flavour, it doesn't matter too much.
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Not a million percent sure of your needs, but Ajenti - - may be worth looking at. I last used it a year ago but it seems to have evolved a lot more since then. My experience in using it was that it was a pretty front-end to a lot of back-end scripts. This might be a good thing so far as your own functionality goes.

Webmin is another, but the interface is a straight throwback to 1999, and I never went further with it.

Used Plesk as a customer, and it's "ok" but don't know how extensible with custom functionality it is.
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ISPConfig is a free alternative that has been around for a few years.
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