Traveling and want to send a gift for Valentine's to my SO
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I'm traveling and want to send a Valentine's gift to arrive tomorrow. Something from Amazon or flowers will get there in time. What should I give?

Amazon will deliver next day so it will get there in time. Or I could send flowers. Or is there a service that will print and send a card to him?

Any suggestions?

He's a typical geeky mefite type. He likes it when I send him cards (as I sometimes do while traveling). He doesn't really need anything. I just want to send him love.
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What about a plant instead of flowers?
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If you have a plant or flowers delivered, your best bet is to call a local florist rather than using a service like 1800flowers.
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I know it's been done a gazillion times, but I do love me an Edible Arrangement, especially with chocolate-dipped fruit.
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Local florist, absolutely. You'll pay less, get a better result, no lag time, and you can dictate whatever you want the card to say.
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