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I'm very confused about my relationship at the moment and need to talk it through with someone. I don't want my family and friends to know at this stage as I don't think that's fair on my SO, and whilst normally I would talk to him about anything and everything I think I need an objective ear. Does anyone know of any resources to discuss emotional/relationship issues in the UK? Thanks.
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Is there a reason why you feel it needs to be face to face/in person, or would online resources work as well?
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This is exactly what Relate does. You do not need to go with a partner, or even have a partner to go. If that doesn't work out for you, you can Google for relationship therapists near you and go private if that's an option. Most people in private practice have a website where you can get a feel for them.

Most people tell you picking a healthcare practitioner online is a terrible idea but I've done it frequently due to moving a lot and it's worked well for me. YMMV.
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Relate, as DarlingBri linked to, are excellent for this, and the initial consultation is free. If you're looking for something non-Relate, there's Counselling Directory which is pretty comprehensive.
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Relate is brilliant for talking through things. I've been going for almost half a year now and it's great. However they do charge for the first consultation, the fee is £40 for the first one. Then it goes on to a sliding scale according to your income. Though if you have money problems they will take as little as £15.
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If you're happy talking things through online then I recommend the UK-based mumsnet relationship boards. They're a smart, intuitive bunch there in my experience.
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