Succumb, Masked Marvel!
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You know how in "Peanuts," Lucy and Snoopy (disguised, of course, as the Masked Marvel) had an endless wrist-wrestling match that ended only when the MM, desperate, kissed Lucy on the nose? (Uh, did I need a spoiler alert there?) I need an image from that epic match, somewhere online. Ideally of them wrestling, locked in eternal combat, before the kiss. It's just for a personal joke on a friend who loves "Peanuts" and I won't be republishing it anywhere or anything like that. Endless Google Images and other searches turn up discussion of the strip, but no images. I'm thrilled that everyone is respecting Charles Schulz's copyright, but man, would I love to find one image of it for just five minutes. A book cover, anything...
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Do you need it to be electronic, or can you go to the library and make a photocopy?
Maybe you could go to the library and scan it?
I guess it would help to know the year the strip came out in order to find it in a book.
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If you can't find them any other way, they were in newspaper strips dated 2/6/67 - 2/15/67. I'm sure Seattle Public could scare them up if need be. They're also in the book "You'll Flip, Charlie Brown."
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Well. There you go.
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[it's also in It's a Long Way to Tipperary]
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and in a TV speical somewhere, Maybe in The Charlie Brown and Snoopy Show
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Response by poster: Yeah, looks like I'll have to head for the library. I was hoping to get something sooner, but looks like that might not work. Thanks, everyone, for the tips (and if anyone does find an online image, do post it).
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Best answer: here.
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Best answer: do not sue me, estateofcharlesschulz!
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Response by poster: Oh, you guys ROCK! Thanks!
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