Where to stay in Reykjavik
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New Year's in Reykjavik. A group of friends are heading to Iceland in December/January. I've read this previous post and found some ideas for things to do. Any suggestions on hotels (price is not a concern) from those who have been there?
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If you don't mind hostels, the Reykjavik H.I. is the nicest hostel I have ever stayed in. I know you said price isn't a concern, but it should be. Alcohol is shockingly expensive. Also you are going to freeze your ass off.
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(I live in Reykjavik)

If you're looking for something really nice, the 101 Reykjavik hotel looks pretty good, and it's in a great location. However, I've heard it's really expensive.

Hotel Holt is also excellent and in a central location. Normally when I book visitors for business trips, they stay at the Nordica, which is new and really nice, but the location isn't as great as the two others, since they're both downtown, but the Nordica is a short cab ride from there.

Both the Nordica and Holt have fantastic restaurants.
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MetaFilter: (price is not a concern)
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Prince should totally be a concern.

I've heard that the ice hotel sucks too so I wouldn't bother with that. A cousin of mine did a tour where they dogsled your group to a cabin out in the frozen wastes somewhere and you have to chop your own firewood and cook your own dinner on a woodstove etc. but an experienced guide makes sure you don't freeze to death. She said it was amazingly amazing and the best part of her entire trip, especially the part where they all went outside and lay in the snow in their down outfits and watched the northern lights in total silence and stillness while dinner was cooking. Bieng a northern clime type person myself I thought that sounded fabulous.
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I am fortunate that I have relatives that stay in Reykjavik and so when I have been in the past I have been able to crash at their's and save some cash in what is a ridiculously expensive place. I still have the receipt for a round of four drinks that cost £50 (and that was five years ago). No matter how much you may think money isnt an issue it will still make a bigger dent on the wallet than anywhere else you are likely to have been.

As for going out, there are loads of great bars as already listed in earlier thread. Make sure you find a good vantage point for the fireworks for New Years Eve. Some whisky in a flask might be a good accompaniment.
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The 101 Reykjavik appears about once a month in the Guardian's travel section as a top European arty/classy/upmarket hotel. If you can afford it then that will probably be ideal.
I stayed in the Reykjavik hostel in April and while it is nicely decorated I found the bedrooms to be pretty basic. I've stayed in better hostels, though the people were very friendly and helpful (actually you can say this about most of the people in the country - I've visited >20 countries and Icelanders are just about the most sincerely nice people I've ever come across).
Somewhere in the middle is the Hotel Fron, I stayed there on holiday last year and it was pleasant, reasonably priced and with helpful staff. It's just off the main street so handy for shops etc.
If you're planning on excursions most will pick up from any address in the city that you provide, though expect the number of trips available to be restricted by the time of year.
If you do take the hostel option then a cheap day out is the baths next door, hot-tubbing in December might be interesting!
NB: Wherever you stay, if the water smells funny that's normal.
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(The hot water; the cold water is delicious.)

I had an apt when I was there, but I was told that the Hótel Borg is one of the best.
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I _loved_ the Hotel Borg when I was there for new year's (in 2001). And got discounted winter rates, as well!!!
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