So, a micrometer walks into a bar...
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I am that bar. I partially disassembled a micrometer, and can't get it back together by myself. Anyone good at tool disassembly and assembly? I've done angle grinders back and forth, but this thing has me totally stumped, and praying I haven't lost any of the parts! Hivemind, be good to me!
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k8oglyph, can you clarify what your question is? Are you looking for assembly diagrams, or recommendations for technicians who can fix it for you, or something else? Either way, we probably need some more information, such as brand/model/etc., or else location...
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We need a picture of what you've got. Also perhaps a brand name. Also perhaps a reason why you partially disassembled a micrometer, and what specifically doesn't want to go together again.
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The vernier threads are very fine and it can be difficult to re-engage them - especially if well worn or slightly damaged. Take a good look at the threads and make sure you haven't cross-threaded the ends.
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uhhhhmmmm. Fowler caliper needs re-installation of 2 copper "springs", one long and one short, and a set screw? that's my best guess.

I just, sadly, really and truly don't know how to post a pic or a link. pardon.
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So, it's not a micrometer but a caliper; would it be a digital caliper or a dial caliper, or maybe the Fowler "Snap-Cal" that actually does have a spring action?

Some possible hits when you Google "disassemble [alternative: reassemble] fowler caliper," but it would really be crucial to know exactly what device you're holding in your hand.
No matter, there is this resource:
Buncha tel. #s and email addresses there. Maybe try to somewhat narrow down and specify your question and ask them.
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