Funtiturefilter: Is this tear in the fabric of my couch repairable?
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The couch has an seamless integrated seat, not cushions. Pictures (including bonus sleepy elderly cat!) inside.

The couch is designed to have no cushions, and the main body is covered with a seamless piece of upholstery. Examples of this style: from Crate and Barrel (much nicer than mine, different shape) and from Ikea (basically the same idea, but mine is better). The material has torn away where it meets in the seam between the couch back and the seat. I don't know how to approach a repair for this, if it's possible to have it fixed, or if it would be advisable to just pony up for the cost of reupholstering it (it's a good piece of furniture, and would be worth it). Pictures: Where the fabric has torn away; view showing length of the tear; the back of the couch; another close-up of tear + cat; couch seat with fabric tucked between couch back and seat. Any advice/experience appreciated.
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I would think a good upholstery shop could tack the fabric back down within the seam where the back and the seat join. Heck, maybe even go at it with a staple gun and a tack hammer? I have an awesome pneumatic staple gun at work that would make short work of that, but it's a bit much for home use.
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My initial instinct was "Slipcover!" However, now I'm extremely curious what the inside of the couch looks like.

My guess is that if you remove the dust cover, if any, from the bottom (as in the side of the couch the feet are attached to) you'll be able to access the joint where the bottom of the back meets the back of the seat. It doesn't look like the fabric has a ragged edge like it would if it were torn, so I think the fasteners gave way.

If so, it's just a matter of getting the fabric back through the joint. That's easier said than done, perhaps, depending on the gap. You'll probably need a very thin bladed putty knife or a "tucking tool." Then use a staple gun to reattach the fabric to the carcass. Pull tight and start in the center, working towards the edges.
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Thank you both, I'm going to do some investigation and see what if I can access the join through the underside of the couch and use the tools recommended!
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I actually have that Ikea couch in storage somewhere. For that one in particular you can buy additional covers, and tuck in the slack at the folds. In my experience it doesn't look as good with the cover (not as tight), but I may have been doing it incorrectly.

All of this to say, one option could be to have a cover custom-built rather than completely re-upholstering, but the cover will most likely look a bit looser.
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