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i miss riding horses. i love the sound of horses- very comforting. is there a meditation that guides you as if you were riding or in horse barn? i listen to rain and blizzards on YouTube, is there a horse soundtrack?thanks- i know this might be very random. but hey thats what metafilter is for!
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The Freesound database is full of this stuff. Anybody can submit recordings, so some will be fake or have lousy quality, but you can probably find something good there with some searching. I did a quick search for "horse" and found this on the second page of results, for example. It's short, but sounds real, and might be good for your purposes if you looped it.
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There's an app called Ambiance that offers recordings of just about any sound you might like, and the 'animals' category includes horses eating, horses walking, horses trotting, horses making various other horse noises. (If you want Ukrainian frogs, there's that too.)
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Whitenoise the app has a horse noise in their blog
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Can you believe someone's asked this question before?
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Response by poster: yep that was me.never got a good answer
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Oops, sorry! Could you perhaps commission someone to make you a guided meditation of this? Someone with sound equipment?
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If you fail to get a good answer this time as well, send me a message. I may be able to provide you some horse sounds. The horses in question live some distance from me, so it would not be immediate. We also know other people with horses, and I think one even has a barn and horses that go inside it (my own horse is anti-barn).
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Response by poster: awww thanks! it is so therapeutic for me to close my eyes and here them. I gotta get on seeing some :)
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Okay, I'll see what I can do! :)
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