Online pledge thermometer...that's not about raising funds
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My organization is looking for some kind of an online pledge drive thermometer or progress bar widget that can accept and track pledges that are not monetary (i.e. "I will do X at least Y number of times.") Does this exist?

There are plenty of tools like this out there that take monetary donations, but we just want something simple that can track non-material pledges (or that won't take a lot of reconfiguring to do so). These are pledges to do little awareness-raising visits at a few different locations. The idea is to track the number of pledges made in total by the folks in our organization.

I can't seem to find anything built for this purpose instead of tracking cash. Has anyone ever come across something that can do this easily?
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You can't just take an existing thing and remove the "$" from it?
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I'll be looking into that if I can't find something that's a better fit; it just seems like overkill to pay for something that has secure payment processing and other bells and whistles in the data intake portion when we need something much more simple.
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Do you already have something to track pledges, or is that part of the requirements for this thing? What specific pieces of functionality do you need that you don't already have?
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Paying for something seems unnecessary. Something like this JSFiddle can be easily adapted to fit the bill. Just remove the currency format function and add an "I Pledge" button that updates a file or database, then read the values from that file or database.
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We don't have a current data intake system set up, though we could certainly make something. The JSFiddle that ob1quixote posted looks like it might do the trick--I'll talk to someone on our team more adept in Javascript than I am and see what they think.
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