Who doesn't own cars?
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I'm trying to do a bit of research and I'm looking into broad demographics about car ownership. There's a fair amount of information about what kinds of people own what kinds of vehicles, but I'm getting stuck finding a demographic profile for adults who don't own cars. Any thoughts as to where I can find this information? BONUS POINTS if it's around Canada/North America and within the last 3 years.

BONUS POINTS if it's around Canada/North America and within the last 3 years.
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You might try contacting the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute, who just put out a report, examining how many households are without a car (9.2% in the US in 2012, unsurprisingly concentrated in some cities). The abstract does not talk about the demographics of the households, beyond the cities, but maybe the report does.
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Me! I suggest looking at Streetsblog, Human Transit, or the Atlantic Cities since I think I have read statistics about this and those are my main transportation news outlets.
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As a non-driver due to low vision I wonder if any state disability offices would have some information.
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Allow me to re-purpose an answer I gave a few hours ago to another question:

The census bureau conducts an annual survey on a statistical sample of the United States with some pretty detailed employment information vehicle ownership information (plus lots of other great stuff). The Minnesota Population Center does a nice job of making that data accessible. You can track occupation and industry vehicle ownership by statistically weighted individual household.
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Millennials: (1), (2), (3)
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This data is also available (at the household level) in the U.S. from the National Household Travel Survey (2009).
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