How to get make-up off collar of fleece top?
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My wife is sad because her favorite North Face fleece top is kind of shiny and gross around the collar where make-up (mostly Bare Minerals powdered foundation, she says) has built up. Can she remove this stuff? How?

I already had her try to scrub it and kind of lift it up using a clean fingernail brush, but it made little improvement. She is always cold and winters are miserable for her; this fleece has been her constant companion for months. Any advice will be gratefully received.
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Baking soda and a brush are the tools we use when character clothes get pancake makeup stains on them in the theater. Also, for greasier things, Dawn or another de-greasing dishwashing liquid can work.
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It's probably the combination of makeup and skin oils that are making it so hard to remove. Using dish detergent isn't a bad idea, but she might also try scrubbing it with some of her face-wash/makeup remover.
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The folks who make the BeautyBlender makeup application sponges also make a cleanser to clean the sponges. I use it to clean my brushes and it's amazing. I bet it would work on the fleece - it is made specifically to take foundation off of things.
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It isn't clear to me, has she attempted to wash it with detergent and water? With stains like this, I hand scrub in the sink and use dish or laundry detergent and warm water. Face makeup isn't usually hard to remove.
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Usually dish soap and water with some scrubbing will remove makeup. Spray and wash will also work. If that doesn't work I would try soaking in Oxyclean. Another odd idea, but usually works is spraying hair, spray some on there and let it sit for a while, and then wash it. I just had a situation where makeup accidentally spilled on my duvet cover. The combination of all of the above removed the makeup.
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Seconding OxyClean. That stuff is magic. Also, baking soda. Also, club soda (something about the bubbles!). Keep the stained area of clothing away from hot water and heat, as the temperature will set in stains. So always use cold water to dissolve your cleaning solvents like OxyClean.
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Her makeup remover is all-natural and based on olive oil, so I don't think it's going to improve this situation. :7)

But we will try some detergent & cold water and see, then move on to Oxyclean, and then go find a baby wipe, I guess.

Thanks for all the advice! I will report back with the results.
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If all else fails, a little hydrogen peroxide (test the fabric first!) may do the trick. I have gotten set in wine stains and the like out with hydrogen peroxide.
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Shampoo would be worth a try - I find it's more effective against grease spots than most spot removers, including baking soda and cornstarch, the old standbys.
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I use shampoo to clean my badger shaving brush, actually, so that is not a crazy idea.
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The makeup sponge/brush cleaner I mentioned is basically just a glorified version of shampoo, so it makes sense that this would work. A lot of shampoos for adults have extra ingredients in them to condition or treat hair in various ways, so makeup bloggers often recommend a baby shampoo to clean brushes, I guess because it's more simple.
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