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After an initial effort, my dad is going to start writing a blog again and I'm going to help him host/maintain it. One of his favorite memoirists/thinkers/writers was Andy Rooney, and the blog is going to be more softly satirical and more about the wonders and silliness he finds in the world than Rooney was in his televised segments.

Going off of the Andy Rooney theme, I threw "A Few Paragraphs or So with [NOM DE PLUME]" at him and he's not excited about it. Ideas I nixed because they were too similar to stuff that's currently out there are:

Much More than a Reflection
More Than a Feeling
Keyboard to Keyboard
Reflections From My Keyboard

The nom de plume means "beetle" in Tagalog, but the blog will not focus on his being a Filipino-American. He likes to be silly and he also likes puns and corny jokes if/when he can make them.

(And yes, once it's finally up, I'll put the link in Projects.)
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If you want to call out the Andy Rooney homage, how about "Ever Notice?"
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Response by poster: Things I've Ever Noticed...?
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Under the Catapillar Eyebrows?
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I'm a decent pun-generator, though unfortunately I'm too young to know anything of Andy Rooney. If I had some more source material I might be more helpful; what are some of your dad's interests? Specific things he might be blogging about? Things he self-identifies as?

From Andy Rooney's wikipedia article, I can recommend some variations on the titles of his work:

Mr. [pseudonym] Goes to Cyberspace/the Internet/Blogspot
A Blog on ______
Three Billion Microseconds or So With [pseudonym]
A Few Trillion Nanoseconds With [pseudonym]
Ever Notice How Every Good Blog Name Is Taken?
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Response by poster: One of the things my dad likes to do is make up fake histories for real objects and concepts; he'll be continuing to do this in the blog. He and I were talking about one of his older pieces the other day where he tried to claim that "LOL" was an actual acronym that the Native Americans sent out by smoke signal.

Also, there are a few "sculptures" my dad has made that are currently in their house. One of them is a piece of bread sitting next to a stone; he calls it "Rock and Roll."
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"Like Andy, Not Mickey"
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Personal blogs titles that work well can include:

Play on a name/nickname of writer (ala Dooce.com)

A nonsense term that the writer frequently uses (if my mom had had a blog she might have called it "gotcheyed" which is a sort-of word she would use often.)

A line from a poem, song or quote the writer identifies with (Lawyers, Guns & Money, which also works as a descriptor of the lawyers doing the blogging)

An unusual/funny description of the writer and maybe their locale (ala Okie from Muskogie)

If you don't like any of those, based on your description of what your dad writes, you could go with Art's Artificial Histories, Fish Stories, Tim's (Sometimes Tall) Tales, or something similar.
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Response by poster: Fish Stories

I kinda like this. My dad used to fish a lot, but now he and his friends play golf (he's retired now). He's not very good at it.

Also, I sent the link to this AskMe to my dad and I'll post his responses when he gets back from golf later this afternoon.
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You could try any of these:

History with Mystery
The Secret Histories of (pseudonym/place/family name)
The Secret Hysteria of _______
Historical Inventions
Dystorical Facts
Mystorical Facts
The Sculpturator
The Sculptory-Teller
Unlikely Histories/Sculptories
Stone & Bread
Stone & Bread Hall of Fame
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One of the things my dad likes to do is make up fake histories for real objects and concepts

That sounds a lot like Borges. What about a play off of one of Borges's works, like:

"Memories of an Imaginary Life"

"Encyclopedia of the Possible"

Reading his most recent post, it also sounded a little like Proust to me, given how he veered down memory lane, so what about a play off of that, like:

"Lost Time"

"Waiting for the Madeleines"
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"Did You Know...."
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