What kind of antenna do I need for this small stereo?
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I have this stereo and I need a radio antenna for it. I'm not sure what precisely I should be looking for.

Here is a photo of where I would connect the antenna. If you can't make it out, the top two ports (?) are labeled "AM" and are the kind where you would just stick wires in. Below that, it says "FM 75 ohm coaxial" and you can screw in a coaxial cable there.

I only seem to be finding TV antennas online. Is there a specific term I should be searching on? Bonus points if you can directly link me to whatever I need. Thanks!
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Likely something like the following if it has a "F-connector" aka cable-tv connector on it.


Though any wire stuck in their will likely work in a pinch.
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If you want the whole thing indoors you need a
Cheap Dipole Antenna
and a
F-type Balun to adapt from the coax to the antenna.
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You can read about Terk radio antennas here. AM/FM antennas usually have twin leads (AM wires + FM 75 ohm coax). There are a range of prices, but my experience with them has been very good.
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