How to port reddit posts from one username to another?
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I have a fairly extensive posting history that I'd prefer to keep secret in a particular subreddit. I foolishly did not create a throwaway username for the subreddit. Is there a way to do that retroactively though? As in, could I create a throwaway username and maybe have the subreddit's mods change the author of those posts from my main username to my throwaway one or something? Alternatively, how could I cache all the posts in an easily hide-able and transfer-able format (i.e. something more like a .txt file and less like a bookmark) and upload them to dropbox and/or email them to myself before deleting them from my reddit profile?
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Sounds like something best posted in Reddit Help?
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You can't transfer. You can't export either but you have a couple options. This quora post explains how to use RES' never ending scroll to get all your comments on one page for saving/selecting. And, if you search /r/help that arnicae linked above, someone says you can get your last 1,000 comments in JSON format by visiting /user/username.json .
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