Cheap office chair solution for one person + one medium sized dog
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I need to buy an office/computer/work chair as a gift that will fit one person (tall thin woman) and her pembroke corgi dog. She wants to be able to sit and work, with enough space for a comfortable fit for her and her dog. Willing to sacrifice style for comfort and a low price. creative and diy solutions welcome! maybe something from ikea would work? thanks!
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Do you have access to an office liquidation store? I found one where I live and was surprised to find all manner of expensive office chairs (Steelcase, Humanscale, etc) for around $100.
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I bought an Ikea office chair and it fell apart within a year. Do not recommend.
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You might want to look at plus sized office chairs depending on the budget. Overstock has pretty good prices on chairs, though I can't vouch for quality.
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Do a google search for extra wide office chair. Maybe the Office Star Avenue Six Vinyl Yield 41" Wide Chair Item: 127143 Model: YLD5141-B18 from Staples $322
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How long per day does she use her chair? If she uses it more than a couple of hours daily, it may be worthwhile to take her chair shopping with you, as comfort can mean different things to different people, and an uncomfortable chair is a worse gift than no chair at all, in my book.
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Wait she wants the dog to sit on the chair with her? How tiny is the woman and how big is her dog? My Corgi is 35 lbs...they're breeding them smaller now but even a 25 lb dog would not fit well on a chair with a person.
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