What is the best zoo to see in southern Florida?
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I want to visit a zoo in Florida. I will be in Miami and Orlando in july. What is the best zoo to visit?

I will be doing the touristy stuff in Florida this summer. I would like to take my wife and kids ( pre-teens) to a zoo. Not sure the best zoo to see. I have been to the Calgary zoo which is world class. I would like to spend a full day at the best zoo in Florida. I will be around Miami and Orlando.
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Metrozoo in Miami used to be very good. I haven't been in decades, so I can't say if it's still good. It's likely your best choice, though.
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Does it need to be a zoo? Animal Kingdom park and Animal Kingdom Lodge in Orlando (Lake Buena Vista at Disney) are amazing.
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A friend in Florida who is very experienced with zoos (his gf works with animals) also recommends Animal Kingdom as the best, because in part it benefits from a giant Disney budget where most other zoos are run as nonprofits.

He also specifically recommended Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa (which is not that far from Orlando) which is designed for younger kids You can feed giraffes! And bring bathing suits - it has lots of water features to play in.

I always felt like Florida itself is one big animal park, because so many species simply adapted to real estate development. Herons, egrets, and turkey vultures everywhere.
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2nding Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa.
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Another vote for Disney's Animal Kingdom. It's fantastic!
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Metro Zoo in Miami is fun - you can feed giraffes, splash and climb in the kid area plus they have cool pedal carts/surrey that you can rent. As a bonus, the Gold Coast Railway Museum is right next door if any of your crew are into trains.
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