Looking for a flat in london, hate estate agents
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I'm looking for places (papers/websites) where people advertise flats to let direct to tenants, in London.

I'm looking for a flat to rent in London. My experience of estate agents is that they are a waste of time and money - I've got a few simple criteria, and they seem incapable of filtering based upon these. http://www.london-flat-rental.co.uk/
is the sort of thing I'm looking for, but it doesn't seem that well subscribed. Specific area = Tooting/Balham/Clapham/Stockwell.
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Loot and www.professionalaccommodation.com
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In general most people will advertise in Loot... Get the paper at o'crack'sparrows and start 'phoning...
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Best answer: For non-agent renting, I've successfully used Loot and Gumtree.

Many people do only let through agents, and I found that the best site for agent searching was PrimeLocation.

(I found Craigslist to be useless, unless you're looking for things from US expats.)
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One thing worse than estate agents in the UK: Landlords!

I wouldn't consider renting without professional management (and independent check-in clerks!), in the UK. That usually means estate agents, sadly.
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Best answer: www.moveflat.com

It's free, and becoming extremely popular.
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Best answer: Loot and Gumtree are your friends.

Estate Agents are bastards, generally, whereas not all Landlords are. In my experience.

The flat I'm living in now.. I was shown it by an agent, but they couldn't agree a price. I contacted the landlord direct, by searching out a contact for them, and we hit a deal, bypassing the evil agents. Don't be afraid to fight dirty is my advice- you'll need to!
Good luck. Flat hunting in London is awful.
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I've heard many success stories from Moveflat.com.
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I've had the opposite experience from Goofyy - the one flat we rented through an agent was an awful experience, and we ended up sueing to get the deposit back. The private landlords we went through (one through the Evening Standard's ads, one found through friends of friends) have been great, apart from the first landlord selling the beautiful flat out from under our arses, but that was just business.
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Moveflat.com is okay but it's far more use to people looking for flat shares. Its self-contained list is pretty slim compared to Loot. Give both of these a go, but based on personal experience I'd advise you to persevere with estate agents too. Yep, they're all a waste of space and will screw you for spare change if given half a chance, but more properties come through them than not. Good luck.
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Response by poster: I eventually found a place through gumtree, but looked at some good stuff through moveflat.
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