Where can I find this necklace?
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I really like the necklace that Lisa Kudrow's character wore on the season premiere of season 3 of Web Therapy (image inside). Where can I find something similar?

This image (and this slightly different one shows the necklace. I wasn't able to find one without her hair in the way (or one with better zoom), but I think you can still get the general idea.

Where can I find either a store or an independent artist who makes this style of jewelry (or this particular necklace)?

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Best answer: It's hard to tell if that necklace is gold or silver (or both). Also: in one shot, the links look uniform, while in the other shot, the links look thicker on one side of the oval. If the necklace is gold with asymmetrical links, this one is similar, though not quite as nice. The first photo makes it look more like the links are not all the same (sort of David Yurman-style), though.

In any case, if you do a search for "chain link necklace," you'll find lots of options, though not many have that nice balance of chunky (but not too chunky) and thin chains.
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Best answer: I think paperback version has it-- it looks like the Alfani one to me, but in silver. It looks like a frontal one, where the chain doesn't go the entire way around.
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Response by poster: I think that silver Alfani example is exactly right. According to the Macy's website, my local store has one in stock, so I'll check it out this weekend to be sure. Thank you!
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