Looking for volunteer opportunities in LA.
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Please help an enthusiastic young woman find appropriate volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles. More inside.

A mid-20’s female is looking for opportunities to volunteer on a regular/semi-regular basis in central LA or north of downtown. She needs to rely on public transportation and is looking for things easily accessible by the subway, as buses are often unreliable.

She would like to do hands-on work where she will interact with individuals. She would also consider administrative work and has office experience. She is most interested in women’s issues, social justice issues, animal welfare, veterans, or literacy, but is open to ideas. She speaks some Mandarin, German and Japanese. She is planning to get a PhD in Psychology. She would prefer not to work with children.
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Is Pasadena too far? The Women's Room is a daytime refuge room for women who are alone and homeless or at risk, and they look for volunteers to run the room - kind of a hostessing/listening sort of role. I volunteer there once a month and it is a wonderful place.
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Pasadena is probably too far without a car, but this is exactly the kind of thing we're looking for.
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Has she checked with the Little Tokyo Service Center?
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Look into My Own 2 Hands
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Would she like to be a prelimary reader for a middle and high school essay contest for students located in central and south LA (our office is near USC)? If so, she should mefi mail me. We'll need people in a month or so.
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I will pass all three on. She's looking for volunteer opportunities that aren't dodgy and that are appropriate for a young woman, and these are good! You can't always tell from an internet search what you're getting into. Thanks.
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There is also a Women's Room type place downtown: http://www.dwcweb.org/involved.htm
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