Fesenjān is just too messy
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Seeking recipes for tasty North African/Middle Eastern/Central Asian finger foods!

I'd prefer these to be non-messy/crumbly finger foods because I'm bringing them to someone's house and I don't want to leave them with dishes to do or crumbs to sweep up.

The snacks are for a group of eight people to nibble on over a few hours. No known allergies or vegetarians.

Bonus points if it doesn't involve setting the oven over 425° F or any ingredients that are difficult to find in your average American grocery store.
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I love that you have fesenjoon up there because I came to recommend making some kashk. Pair with some pita triangles and you're golden.
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Moroccan cigars / Turkish cigars
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Here's a yummy Indian recipe: Spiced chickpea flour snacks. And there's always dolmas/dolmades.
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I love this site for Persian food. She's got a variety of dolmeh recipes, but I'd check out the snack, appetizer and party section too.

Now I'm starving.
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Well, nuts are a prerequisite, especially pistachios. Hummus in it's various varieties and babganoush with pita is easy, along with some fresh whole herbs and feta cheese cubes (and if you want to go full-on Iranian some larged chopped onions). Kebabs are easy too. All of this will leave your host with very little clean up.

Also - fessanjun as a nibble?
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Uzbek somsa - with meat, greens, or green onion as filling. You can use a preprepared pie crust (like the refrigerator-section, rolled Pillsbury ones) and just roll it out thin and cut out circles, if you don't have time to make the dough yourself.
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