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Soon I will be interviewing for an instructional designer position at a university. What should I do to beef up on Blackboard as well as general interviewing topics for an instructional designer?

As best as I can tell from the job description, my role would be to support faculty in creating courses and troubleshooting problems in Blackboard. I have some experience with Blackboard as a learner, but none as a content creator.

I do have some experience with creating content in Moodle. My computer and/or troubleshooting skills are about as good as average. Which is to say, I'm very good at Googling when I encounter problems.

This would be a big career change for me, and I'm pretty nervous about going in woefully unprepared for the interview. Is there anything I should definitely, definitely know? Any recommended resources (print, web, or anything else) that might get me at least familiar with Blackboard?

(And yes, I have seen this thread. Eek.)
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What sort of professional skills do you have? You mention that this is a career change - what was your previous career? I ask because there should be a way to relate what you did before to what you want to do and to Blackboard, and I could give you better general interviewing tips if I knew what relation your previous job has to this position.
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If you are comfortable in Moodle, don't worry about it.

Blackboard and Moodle are similar from an editing standpoint, keeping in mind that different systems have different customizations. It might seem like Blackboard is a more polished version, but there are some heavy-hitting Moodle installations (LSU and it's 40,000 undergrads, for example).

BUT the idea of designing online modules is different. How will you structure a lesson online? How will you structure a curriculum?
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I would use those moodle experience war stories for this interview. Use them to write down a few answers to behavioral questions in advance as preparation. You got this.
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Thanks to everyone who answered! We'll see how it goes.
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