How early should I show up for ASSCAT and Doug Loves Movies?
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Simple as the question is. I'm going on a trip to LA in a few weeks and I would like to attend a taping of Doug Loves Movies and attend the free Sunday version of ASSSCAT and I understand you have to show up early to wait in line and guarantee a seat. So my question to you lovely people who live in Los Angeles and have been/go to these shows is - How early should I show up?
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We usually show up around 6:15-6:30 for ASSSCAT. Sometimes that has gotten us front of line, but more likely it gets us 20 or fewer people back. Occasionally we just get over there hella early and go have early dinner at the Thai place down the street on the other side of Gelson's and linger and keep an eye on the sidewalk in front of UCB. You could do the same from the other restaurants on the block, but I like the Thai place even though it's farther away.

(Note, if you are not from a large urban area: parking is primarily on the residential streets in the vicinity, so you may need to give yourself 5-10 minutes to park and walk, or you can use the valet two doors down from UCB for I think $5. There are no garages or public lots, and only a small stretch of meters on Franklin. Sundays can actually be a little tough, as all the residents are home, but I don't think we've ever valet'ed on a Sunday. We always do on Fri/Sat unless we're getting there before 5.)

I don't know about DLM, but I don't think it could be any worse than ASSSCAT. My husband just confirmed my impression that DLM isn't always full.

Make sure you check the Largo schedule as there might be something extra-magical happening there that trumps either of those shows.
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The times we've gone to Doug Loves Movies, we get there 30 minutes before and always get in.
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