SoCal Gifts... San Bernardino?
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A friend is moving to San Bernardino, and I'd like to get a gift for her - you know, locally relevant gifts that might help her to explore the area. Any suggestions? She's in her late 20's, married...
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Does she like hiking? Lots of great trails in that area... you could get a hiking guidebook, or an REI gift certificate so she could stock up on outdoor gear when she's there.

You could also look on Yelp for the most popular restaurant in her favorite genre of food and get her a gift certificate.
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I would strongly recommend a gift certificate to The Sycamore Inn. I grew up in Claremont and we celebrated every important event there. I don't even remember the food any more, just the minestrone soup, which is fantastic!

Any event that for some reason could not be celebrated there was celebrated at The Magic Lamp, and a childhood friend had her rehearsal dinner there a few years back.

Ah, home!
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If she's outdoorsy you could get her a Forest Adventure Pass. It's $30 for the year.
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Yeah, some kind of "Southern California Hikes" or some field guides to local flora and fauna would be ideal, if she's at all outdoorsy.
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Seconding the adventure pass if appropriate. I live in LA but always have a current one and drive out there several times a year to make use of it.
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This is a really good guide to hiking in the area. You could also get her an Adventure Pass from the Forest Service, which is good for the San Bernardino National Forest and others in the area. There's also an REI in Rancho Cucamonga, keeping with the outdoors theme.

If she likes beer, you can get gift certificates to Hanger 24 or Ritual, two breweries a bit east of San Bernardino.

The Mission Inn in Riverside is a really beautiful and historical restaurant. A gift certificate there might be appreciated.

Does she have any particular interests? Feel free to PM me if you want to bounce any ideas around. I'm pretty close to there.
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Does she ski? Snow Valley and Big Bear are pretty close. Maybe a gift certificate to count toward a day of skiing?
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Topophilia has some good suggestions. Look in Riverside, Claremont, and Redlands (esp. Claremont) for stores she might like a gift certificate to.

I know the area; feel free to MeMail me.
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