Help me throw a Hedwig viewing party
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Some girlfriends and I were discussing going to NYC to see Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway, and the idea of holding a Hedwig viewing party was thrown out. I want to make this a reality. I need your ideas for food, drinks, props, games/other activities, etc.

This will probably be quite small, maybe 10 people max, and just in somebody's living room, to give an idea of scale. I already have Haribo Gummis on the list (some soaked in vodka).
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As many different wigs as you can assemble.
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Food-- Candy, midwestern style "trailer park" food?

Musical wigs, based on musical chairs (maybe depends on any breakables you have).

Makeup contest--go draggy.

Play music that is referenced by Hedwig in the movie, beyond the soundtrack, like late 70s glam rock.
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Bilgewater seems like the kind of place to serve fish sticks or a shrimp cocktail.

of course you need to serve Vermouth On The Rocks.
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Something to go along with "Children of the sun, children of the earth, children of the moon."
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Cocktail weiners!
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gummi bears.
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Food and Decor (if applicable) -- turn the party venue into that cheesy Red Lobster-esque seafood theme restaurant from the opening number! (On preview, is that Bilgewater?) Serve shrimp cocktail, calamari, linguine with clams, captain's wafers, etc. Decorate with as much nautical kitsch as you can get your hands on. I seem to remember a lot of rope and maybe a big wooden ship's wheel of some kind.

I'm also trying to figure out how you could incorporate some kind of reference to YOU DON'T PUT A BRA IN THE DRYER, but was that in the stage show at all? Anyway, YOU DON'T PUT A BRA IN THE DRYER.

Gummi Bears and Vermouth on the Rocks are musts.

I also feel like there should be an oven or oven-like thing decorated with rock posters on the inside that people can put their heads into, but I'm not quite sure how this could be recreated safely.
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I am now obsessed with the notion of a batch of cupcakes that spells out YOU DON'T PUT A BRA IN THE DRYER.

I think you should definitely do it.
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Response by poster: A long overdue update to this - it turned out that me and a few girlfriends actually got shit together and turned our dreams of seeing Hedwig in New York into a reality, as of this weekend (woooo!), so this substitute never happened.

These are all amazing incredible ideas, and if I do throw this party sometime in the future, I'll post pics.
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