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The Room viewing party ideas?

The Room - we want to have a viewing party. Need any and all ideas about how to make this event even better. (For those who haven't seen it, it's one of those 'so bad its good' movies)

I am torn between having really awful food/drinks to having really, really super fancy things to eat and drink.

Any ideas are welcome - even bad ones.
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Easy. Come wearing your best Wiseau wig (the hair is self-explanatory for those who have seen it/him). But purposefully bad food/drinks would be a waste. Opt for super fancy instead.
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Best answer: Lots of plastic spoons to throw at the screen when the spoon art shows up on the screen.

Scotch and Vodka to make scotchkas.

Maybe a cake for the birthday scene.

Here's a listing of stuff from the AV Club's Viewer's Guide to The Room which may help.

I'd lean more on the side of really fancy things. I mean, something needs to go with the tuxedos as you play football in the alley!
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Don't have awful food--You'll be suffering enough.
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Nothing says "classy" like playing football in a tuxedo. Bonus points for falling down in your tuxedo, then having dude in a silk shirt show up later pretending to be you.

Do you have a dog? Make sure everyone greets him. "Oh, hi doggy!"

Fill your photo frames with stock pictures of silverware.

Leave "me underwears" sticking out from under a couch cushion.
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I have seen this piece of garbage in the theatre about 20 times. The only thing that ever makes it better is having more people around who have never seen it before.

That said, if my friends were going to throw a viewing party I would do my best to convince somebody to set up a camera on top of or below the screening looking out at everybody watching the movie and then recording everybody's reactions throughout. You can edit that down to the best clips and share it with everyone later.

(one of my favorite parts when watching at the theatre is looking at the rest of the audience during the naked scenes. super-easy to spot the first timers then.)
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My advice to you is dondwurrieaboudid.

But yeah, scotchkas w/pizza.
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Best answer: Vicodin. You'll need it. Trust me.

All kidding aside, I would say just a lot of people who have never seen it, and a lot of booze to get them loosened up. Anything more risks verging into gimmick territory.

Maybe you could put roses and rose petals all over the room.
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Best answer: If everyone with you has already seen it, get the Rifftrax, in which they give a name to Johnny's favorite pizza: the WTF Special (half Canadian bacon with pineapple, half artichoke and pesto, light on the cheese).
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Well, you need to print nametags (you know, the "Hello, I'm" nametags) that say:



So that everyone can greet each other properly.

And then, aside from the WTF Special pizzas, I can think of two ways I would go with the food theme: either all cheese, including cheeseballs, or an array of appetizers to celebrate the mysterious origins of Tommy Wiseau's accent. Bratwurst, brie, and tacos, perhaps. Or tapas and blintzes. Poutine, Swedish meatballs, and spaghetti? NOBODY KNOWS!

Alternately, comfort food, because god knows you'll need it.
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Seconding football in tuxedos.
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Timely; I just watched this thing for the first time last weekend (with Rifftrax) - although this has been heralded as "the Citizen Kane of bad movies," I don't think I'd be able to get through it without Mike, Bill and Kevin on my side.

I'd recommend pizza and marijuana. Lots and lots of marijuana.
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You could get some obscenely mediocre R&B to set the mood before the film. Hang some flowers upside down maybe?
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Best answer: Invite witty people. Play tuxedo football. Drinking game?
Drink whenever: "Oh, hi ___." Stock footage. Football or basketball on screen. Tommy says something unintelligible. Mark says "but he's my best friend" while trying to look pained. Someone says something complimentary about Tommy/Johnny. Someone calls Lisa beautiful. Lisa's mom makes extravagant hand gestures. You're confused about Denny's age.
Oh, hi, more rules on the Rifftrax forum.
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