Best UK hosting company for email addresses with an external domain?
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An organisation I volunteer for has been hosting the local chapter's email inboxes for a while now, but they have announced that they will no longer be doing so. I have been tasked with finding a hosting company that will let us have 10-20 email addresses with an external domain. In your experience, o Hivemind, what's the best hosting company for this? Hit me with your anecdata. Thank for kind.
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What's your budget? Google Apps offers business accounts starting at $5/user/month.
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...and what's more, it looks like non-profits can use it for free.
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If your organization does not qualify for the free-tier Google Apps For Non-Profits, Atmail is cheaper ($20/user vs. $50/user) and they also offer special prices to non-profits (inquire here).
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Windows Live Admin Center is shockingly robust email hosting. And it's free.
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