Best kickboxing DVDs?
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I bought a Groupon for a month at a local kickboxing place and enjoyed it, but alas, joining apparently involves a year-long commitment at $120/month. In the interest of continuing to get into better shape while not racking up a massive bill, what DVDs would MeFis recommend? I can potentially do partner drills with my husband, or use the reflex bag we have as a target. Heavy bag work is probably out for space/structural reasons. (If it matters, I am in decent cardio shape but definitely don't have much in the way of upper body strength - I can maybe do 3-5 full pushups before I have to switch to my knees.)
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I am sore today from a fitness blender kickboxing workout I did yesterday. The videos are all free, find them on you tube. There are at least a few kickboxing videos. And free.
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