What is this song (hard version)?
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So because I'm awesome I've failed to recall the tune and words of a song. Here's what I know: 1) Its relatively new (last 6 months?) and is now on mainstream radio in Australia (so it may be older and taken a while to get here). 2) Pop-rock sound 3) Pretty easy to hear and understand the lyrics as I was singing along to it (and then forgot the words). 4) I'm pretty sure the verses had lyrics in groups of three (a la Chasing Cars by Snowpatrol, with 'you' as the object in the first line, second line the same but with 'me' as the object (e.g. They're screaming for you, they're screaming for me). Incredibly vague I know but this is the internet and I've seen miracles happen.
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Given it's playing currently, have you tried playing each of the songs off this playlist on YouTube to see if one of them is it? It'll only take 10-20 minutes.
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Do you by any chance remember whether it sounded like male or female vocals?
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Not super new, but maybe Passenger - Let Her Go.
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So I don't know if you mean that it sounds like Snow Patrol or if it just has that particular lyrical thing, but in case you mean they sound like Snow Patrol, is it one of these Imagine Dragons songs?

It's Time


These songs are inescapable on the radio in the US, at least, and are also the only things on our Top 40 station that I would describe even as "pop-rock".
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Male vocalist, and it was a happyish song. I'll go through the NOVA playlist. I did hit up the ARIA top 50 and couldn't find it.
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Lumineers, Ho Hey?
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This sounds similar to the way Neon Trees construct their songs.
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