Trying to find an alien/zombie invasion song sung by pop duo
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The song was sung by I think a male and female, in a very sweet light style. I remember them as British, but I may just associate that style of pop duo with Britain. It's a pre-2000 song, I'm pretty sure. The only specific lines I remember was that the chorus contained something about "our brother and sister who we love are on the stairs" (or possibly in the attic?), and there's a reference to a meteoroid crashing nearby. It was pretty entertaining the way the light poppy sound contrasted with the apocalypse/disaster being recounted, but I only heard it the once and I've never had luck googling the fragments I remember.

My very first post to Metafilter was identifying an obscure song, so I'm hoping someone here can return the favor.
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Possibly Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft by the Carpenters?
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Nope, that's not it. I should say it was two voices singing together (I think), not a duet. Also, I shouldn't say duo, really; I think it was two voices, but that doesn't mean it was a two-person group. I also think it was not that old -- it very much felt like 80s or 90s britpop.

I know this is all very vague. I'm hoping the "our brother and sister who we love are on the stairs" bit will ring a bell with someone, though.
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Maybe Death Goes to the Disco by Pulp?
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The bands that your description bring to mind are St Etienne, Dubstar, and maybe Drugstore's El President, but the lyric isn't familiar to me.
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Lyrics to El President. It does have a bit of an invasion theme, but the lyric you mention isn't there.
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Nope, doesn't look like either of those, though Death Goes To the Disco at least has some of the aspects (mention of stairs, etc.) I wish I could remember more details instead of mostly impressions!
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