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On Android, is there any way to determine the originating app of a toast popup notification? (4.1 ICS Touchwiz stock if that matters.)

On my phone, I periodically get a toast popup notification something to the effect of "Unable to download at this time" but because it happens regardless of what app is running in the foreground I don't know which background app is trying to download something and failing.

Is there a logfile somewhere that verbosely records all toast popups that would tell me the source of these messages?
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I believe if you press and hold on the notification, it will tell you the app that issued it.
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This StackOverflow question has a small code snippet that you could use. Toasts don't normally log but if you extend AccessibilityService you can intercept it, find the sending package, and log it yourself.
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In the vein of extending Accessibility services, that's how the app Notification History works. It's available in the play store.
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I believe if you press and hold on the notification, it will tell you the app that issued it.

You can get the app info from notifications, but not from toasts.
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I don't think it's possible without rooting the phone. If you do go down that route, you could install the Xposed framework and this module which seems to do exactly what you want. I'm pretty sure I saw another thread for a different module that did something similar recently, but I can't seem to find it now.
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Seconding nobeagle, I've used Notification History to track down my own mystery toasts.
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Notification History did the trick for me, quick and painlessly.

(The Toasts were originating from Go SMS Pro, BTW, giving me yet another reason to try to find a better SMS solution.)

Also marked a few other answers as best because they would have gotten me there if I had the time right now to invest in them.
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