Costume rentals in Toronto
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I am asking this on behalf of a friend. Does anybody know of any good costume rental places in Toronto? She is looking for plus size ladies' costumes for Halloween.
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Malabar. It's on... McCaul, I think, just north of Queen.

There's also a place called, believe it or not, Thunder Thighs. I forget the location. It's more of a costume place for filmmakers but they might rent regular costumes as well.
posted by dobbs at 8:47 PM on October 14, 2005

I second Malabar. Dobbs nailed it.

It's right next to Penguin Records (also a great place), and down the street from the Ontario College of Art and Design and the AGO.
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Malabar has a site online. Strangely enough the ommit the store in Montreal.
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I was going to say Malabar also
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Thunder thighs is right behind the Value Village on Queen St. East. I think it's Busy street, but anyway, near Carlaw and Queen E. They rent to regular people too. (I had to get a pilot's uniform once)
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