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Husband has android phone and I have an iphone. We have a new puppy. We need an APP that will let us sync between us a log of when our pup goes potty (and other puppy things if available) since he leaves for work at 3 and crates our pup, and I come home at 5 and take over for our pup. I cant find it, but there has got to be an app that will easily let us track all things puppy related and share it between the two of us. Maybe not even an app made for dogs? Thanks!
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Perhaps I'm oversimplifying, but: why not just text each other whenever there's an "event", even just a short word like "puppy", and make sure your phones are showing text timestamps? If you can't get per-text timestamps, just text "puppy 3:20pm" or somesuch and let the daily timestamp (that's what my iPhone seems to have) handle the day. Since you're texting each other, you'll both have access to the log at all times, with the person who recorded the "event" baked in.
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Could you both just edit one file in Dropbox? I know you can get a Dropbox app for iPhone, and I'd be surprised if they don't have one for android.
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Would a shared calendar work? It's easy to have a shared google calendar with two Android phones, I am ignorant about iPhones so I don't know if they can do google calendars. If not some family organizer apps like Cozi have shared calendars.
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Not only can iPhones do google calendar, but I was going to suggest a spreadsheet in google drive, which iPhones can also do.
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A sheet of paper taped to the fridge?
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Instagram. You take a picture of your puppy awkwardly doing his/her business, and later you giggle / high five over the pic while the pup stares at you in condemnation.
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You could look at apps for newborns. We used BabyConnect when our son was born to track when we changed diapers and it has a feature to share the data.
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Poops, especially puppy poops, can be unexpected, toxic (sometimes even lethal), destructive (new carpet anyone?), embarrassing (mother-in-law+new shoe+puppy poop=endless shame that will never be forgiven. Really, I can't stress enough how important this is and how good it is that you're searching for a solution.

I've seen instances of unwanted, ill-timed puppy poop that have ruined relationships.
"It was your responsibility!!!!"
"No, it was YOUR responsibility!!!!"
"I took puppy out last time!!!"
"Did puppy poop when you took it out????!!!!!"
"I don't know/remember!" (shame face).
"Why didn't you use our system, we agreed to use the system"
"I did, but the system failed!"
"I hate you!"
"Well, I hate you too!",
"goodbye, I'll never talk to you again!"
"Who gets the puppy?"
"I get the puppy."
"Can I have the puppy on weekends?"
And so the sadness goes.

This is the era of needed redundancy, and this situation is no exception to the rule. Loss of data, especially when dealing with a puppy could be a disaster!

So, I'm suggesting the following.

1. Establish two new Google/Gmail accounts. I would suggested naming them (yourname)Puppypoop@gmail.com and (partnersname)Puppypoop@gmail.com. (I suspect these are available and not taken, if need be add your last name, middle initial, or use your boss' name, just don't accidently send the boss e/mail using this account, that would be bad!).

2. One of you create a calendar on google nameing it, of course, Puppypoop calendar. Share Puppypoop with the other individual. Wait, I mean share the Puppypoop CALENDAR with the other person (the actual sharing of Puppypoop would be wrong, in fact I believe that's a DSM-V diagnosis, you'll want to avoid this).

3. create new dropbox, evernote, instagram, facebook, twitter, Flickr, and snapshot accounts, again naming them using the (name/boss' name)Puppypoop convention noted before. Using these same names cuts down on the confusion.

4. Create puppypoop account sharing for the appropriate accounts (evernote, dropbox, etc).

4. Follow puppypoop (well, the accounts) for facebook, twitter, instagram, etc.

5. Please ignore the mis-numbering of the previous two puppypoop instructions. It's early, I haven't had coffee. Proceed to correctly numbered puppypoop instriction number 7.

7. Create puppypoop contract, This will NOT work unless you both agree. I would suggest this be created by a lawyer well versed in puppypoop (not the usual "bullshit attorney", but a real puppypoop guy).

8. Sign contract in blood, it would be good if the puppy signed in puppypoop, it would lend authenticity to the whole process.

9. Test the system. Squeeze a small amount of puppypoop out of the puppy, see if anyone makes notes in all the appropriate places. I suspect you'll find puppypoop related notes maybe once or twice before the whole system falls apart, there is again, mutual blame and accusations, sadness, depression, and eventually wandering off into the desert.

Or... keep a log on the refrigerator. Let's face it, you can't record the poop event unless you're at home with the dog and you can't do anything in response to the previous partner's recording of poop event unless you're home with the dog.. A note on the fridge would be just fine!
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