Vegan potluck dish for non-vegans
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I only cook vegan and need to bring a potluck dish for a primarily meat-eating party. No soups or stews (that just seems a weird potluck choice), and it should otherwise be a main dish and taste awesome! thanks
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I'd go for a warm quinoa with a lot of savory tastes - I make one with mushrooms and green onions, but there are lots of variants.
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Do you have the Veganomicon? I have served the Chickpeas Romesco (over pasta) as well as the spicy broccoli rabe pasta to a wide range of eaters with great success. They'd be portable in a big tupperware.
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what about a green salad or pasta salad?
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Double baked potatoes? roasted veggies? chickpea salad? lentil salad? Vegetable dumplings? Amazing pasta dish?

All of those I (a meat eater) make at home regularly...
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....If you can get your hands on a copy of the Moosewood Celebrates, check out their "vegetarian" and "vegan" Thanksgiving menus. They go out of their way to try to find show-stopping food that suit either diet, but still appeal to other diners.

I think the vegan menu had mushroom-spinach turnovers that used filo dough; the vegetarian one had a butternut squash polenta that they suggested you mold into a big dome so it looked more awesome too.
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This sauce is the main event in Khao Man Gai, and it's totally vegan.

My friend Neven did a vegan version of the entire dish by replacing the chicken with tofu and the fried chicken skin with fried shallots. Since most of the flavor is in the sauce, you don't really miss the meat.

See also Neven's list of Dishes I Can't Believe Aren't On Every Vegan Restaurant's Menu.
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As an unabashed meat lover, what I would like best is to be able to try your favorite dish. I just don't get being vegan (like, intellectually I do, obviously, but in practice it just seems so tremendously unfulfilling to me personally), so if there's going to be a vegan option, I want it to be something that YOU, as a vegan, absolutely love. I know how to salad. I don't know what a delicious vegan entree would look like. Show me.
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Homemade hummus with appropriate veggies, pita and/or crackers would be a nice filling, protein-packed dish without compromising your Vegan ideals.
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Seconding some kind of quinoa salad type arrangement. I do a cold/room temp quinoa salad with black beans, avocado, diced tomato, and other vegetables that happen to be in season/good right now where you are. It is delicious.
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How about bean and rice enchilada cassarole?

Layer corn tortillas, a melange of black and pinto beans, rice, chopped tomatoes, mild chiles and enchilada sauce. Just keep layering.

I'd leave off the faux cheese. But that's me.
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I often bring peanut noodles to potlucks, it's vegan and easy and delicious.
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Meant to say too, that you can make a nice salad to go with the enchilada cassarole, with lettuce, tomato, black olives and avocados.
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As a meat eater who doesn't cut vegan cuisine any slack, go with the peanut noodles.
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I just made a bitch ton of these for New Years- and they are fucking fabulous.

Pumpkin Cream Cheese Wontons

1 small can of pumpkin puree
1 container of better than cream cheese
1 container of refrigerated wonton wrappers
2 teaspoons soy sauce
1 teaspoon powdered ginger (or more if you like it)

preheat oven to 350

Mix soy sauce, ginger and pumpkin together
take your wonton wrapper and spoon equal amounts of a little bit of both pumpkin mixture and cream cheese into the wrapper, seal it up according to directions on the wonton package. be careful not to overstuff of the wrappers will pop.

bake for about 8 to 10 min.

i recommend a baking 10 at a time and tasting them to see if what your preferences for the pumpkin/cream cheese ratio is.

Everyone loved these and while they are a little bit labor intensive, they were such a hit i'd do them again and again. They are also really filling, so they can easily serve as a main dish or side. I recommend making a vegan ranch dressing to pair with it.
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I make a delicious black bean and corn salad. It's super easy and quick.

black beans
sweet corn (fresh or frozen, definitely not canned)
diced cooked red onion, and cooked minced garlic
good quality cherry tomatoes halved
chopped cilantro

toss all together and dress with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar

cumin and cayenne might go nicely in it too.
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Do as Blitz does and then add as many avocados as you can find / afford. Mix with a sprinkle of chili powder and you're set.
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Do you have Ancient Grains for Modern Meals? If not, go buy it, asap. So many vegan (or easily vegan-able) recipes that are great for potlucks, like this quinoa salad or this kamut salad or this tabouli farro salad.
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I'd go for a warm quinoa with a lot of savory tastes

Please don't use quinoa. North America's sudden huge demand for it is causing serious problems in South America.

I do a dish of chickpeas, slowly cooked in chicken stock--sub veg stock obviously!--seasoned with a LOT of garlic, cumin, and ras el hanout. I'll usually throw diced seeded tomatoes in as well. Perfect cold weather dish.
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Oh, and I'm not sure if frozen sweet corn is hard to find, but Trader Joe's has frozen organic "super sweet corn". It's very sweet and delicious. I usually sauté it lightly rather than boiling it.
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I often find people (phunnimee aside) tend to be intolerant of vegetarian and vegan dishes when they are *obviously* or "aggressively" vegetarian or vegan--like if you use vegan cheese on a pizza or TVP crumbles in sloppy joes. But when your dish is incidentally or "supposed to be" vegetarian or vegan, no-one remarks on the lack of meat in it or makes rude comments about the dish. YMMV, but this has been my experience bringing vegetarian stuff to mostly meat-eating potlucks.

I really like these samosa stuffed sweet potatoes (which I believe are vegan, if you leave off serving them with yogurt). This beet risotto is amazing (although I like to add pine nuts to it and obviously, you would skip the butter). I also like this Soba with Eggplant and Mango and it's good for potluck, since you want it to sit before you serve it.
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This Braised Eggplant with Garlic and Basil is crazy delicious and (in my experience) very appealing to meat lovers. For best results, follow the recipe exactly, but when I haven't had time to go to an Asian market, I've used sriracha instead of hot bean sauce and regular eggplant instead of the Chinese variety - still tastes great!
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I made Black Bean Advocado Enchiladas for my last potluck function and people flipped for them. Not too "out there" for my midwestern, casserole-loving, carnivorous friends and family, either.
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This depends a lot on the context, but for our community potlucks, I'd often do either portion pizzas or a dish of Taboulleh with a morrocan style vegetable stew on the side. I've only ever experienced totally raided dishes and lots of compliments.
Another possibility is grilled, and then marinated vegetables: aubergines, squash, onion, bell pepper, all grilled either whole or sliced, then marinated in Oil, lemon, balsamico, salt, pepper

And like crush-onastick says, just don't even mentions that these dishes are vegan. You are just bringing goodness to the table.
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I am not an omnivore but vegan meatloaf is delicious!
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This mushroom risotto is secret vegan and so good that meat eaters will never know you didn't put meat in it.
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Mac 'n cheeze.
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Cold spicy sesame noodles
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I've had great success taking a large platter of olive oil (salt, a touch of garlic powder) roasted vegetables in rows: peppers, onions, eggplant, tomatoes, mushrooms. Drizzle with oil, balsamic vinegar perhaps, and salt.

Most of the potlucks I see are full of cheesy, potato-y, bready, cheap, meaty stuff and the few vegetable dishes are very welcome. A large green salad. Otherwise a big flatbread if you make your own pizza dough with simple slices of onions and olives or maybe olive oil and garlic powder. I would be excited to see any of these.

Also something that you would like if it is leftover is good.

One potluck I attend annually is full of the standards - mac salad, cheesy potatoes - I take a lovely bean, corn, chopped veggie salad and everyone comments that I've made one of my "unusual" dishes every year and I'm pretty much the only one who eats it along with my husband but I have set a tradition here and I am not going to stop.
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I love this black eyed peas and mushroom curry. It's like a chili, is that too stew-like?
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Try Pav Bhaji.

Its always a hit at potlucks I carry it to, and its incredibly delicious!
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Ooh! Ooh! One of those corn spoonbread thingies that's really a warm, slightly gooey custardy pudding. The second one!
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I want to double second the suggestions above of Peanut and Sesame noodles.

Rich and yummy!
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I asked this question about decadent veggies a while back. A lot of the very delicious answers are vegan, or could easily be modified.
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I'm an omnivore who cooked for a vegetarian and IMHO the one thing to avoid is the fake, trying-to-be-not-vegan stuff: fake cheese, fake "meat", fake "chick'n", etc. And avoid all the tofu, seitan, and tempeh stuff. Just serve things that are naturally vegan.

In my city, there are 2 famous vegetarian restaurants, and my daughter loves them both. I am happy to go with her to the one that serves roasted vegetables in a pita sandwich with hummus as the condiment, or spaghetti with a delicious veg sauce. I can't stand going to the restaurant that says on their menu: this tastes just like a Philly cheese steak!! this tastes just like a corned beef Reuben sandwich!! No, it doesn't, it tastes nasty (to me). But I love me some vegetables.
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