The type of San Francisco coworking space with books and stuff
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A number of coworking companies have popped up in our city and I am trying to find one that feels right to work in. The first two I visited were OK but had a bit too much of a sales/business vibe for me. In contrast the Makeshift Society has an art school feel to it that feels refreshing. I'm not the artiest person in the world, but I'm wondering what other coworking places might have an interesting alternative feeling.

(The answers to this question were good too but this is more specifically about paid coworking environments.)
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TechLiminal is in Oakland but has a geeky/programming sort of vibe to it. Not sure if there are openings and I've only visited.
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You might like Impact Hub, though I think it's limited to people working for social benefit in some way. Nice space and vibe.
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Oakland’s Sudo Room also has a funky, tech/co-op feel to it, with “token non-working 3D printer” included.
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