Time capsule suggestions requested!
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We are replacing a leaky window with a wall. It's currently open and the contractor comes tomorrow morning. What would you put in a time capsule that may be discovered by a future homeowner? I have a letter about the current occupants (us) ready, but what else?

Some good suggestions here, wondering if there any any futureproof technologies that have come up since. Also very interested in suggestions of non-digital stuff.
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Pictures of the house and yard!
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Newspapers. We found newspapers in the walls & floors of our house when we renovated. It's really neat! The listing of the Toronto Stock Exchange was like 20 companies! They don't last forever, but they'll last long enough.
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Front page of today's newspaper.
A new $1 bill.
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Maybe some magazines? Especially magazines with topics you KNOW won't age well, like women's fashion or celebrity gossip.

A treasure map to another time capsule that you've buried somewhere in the yard*

*although this will require you finding enough stuff for TWO time capsules now
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Definitely photos of the house and maybe even you guys. Some current newspapers would be cool -- could go from the very small weekly in your area to the metro daily to a national newspaper. Maybe a map or something showing what the area is like now.
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If you have an old iPod that you do not use anymore, that might get whoever to scratch their heads. Include a way to charge it.
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Alcohol that will age nicely.
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A treasure map, with a treasure to be buried later.
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Print out this thread and put it in there. HI GUYS.
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Take and print photos of the exterior of your home and interior shots of each room, especially shots of you and your SO and of anyone else living in your home, including any pets. Make them candid shots. Someone cooking a typical meal in the kitchen, some tv watching curled up with Fido, etc.

I live in a house built in the 1920's and I would love to have some snapshots of previous homeowners and some idea of what my house used to look like and how it was used and how it functioned for the people who once lived there. Maybe some notes about what you love about your house and likewise any aggravations with it. Maybe a brief history of your neighborhood. Where you shop, any local parks you visit, etc.
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A good claret.
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$10 worth in bitcoin via a paper wallet! :)

I love the interior photos ideas. Also include aerial photos (eg from Google Maps), so they can see how the wider area has changed.

There's a good chance it will be found by contractors rather than home-owners, so some kind of durable exterior label indicating to pass it to the home-owners could be prudent.

I got a notice indicating that my home insurer was backing out due to fire risk to the property. Interesting pieces of property or neighborhood related paperwork / detritus / ephemera like that might be nice.
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A good claret.

A (small) cask of Amontillado, surely?

And, obviously, a letter which includes the phrase "I hope your head falls off."
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We found a trophy from a women's softball league in our wall recently.
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Pictures of the neighbourhood! Seeing old pics of my Grandpa's WWII neighbourhood before it was became part of the inner-city was a complete trip for those of us who had never known it otherwise.
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