Is there a name for this style of hip hop? *air horn* *gunshot*
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Is there a name for hip hop DJing that uses lots of air horn blasts, yelling, and gunshots? I heard I like some on the radio and want to listen to some more!
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Here's more of it. (parody)

But yeah, that's just kinda standard Hip-hop mixing -- try looking up trap mixes on soundcloud.
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I think you are looking for DJ mixtapes. Mixtapes generally are where you hear the sounds of air horns, bombs, and random shout-outs by the DJ mixing them. i.e. DJ Clue always yells "DJ Clue!" and "Cluemanatti!" I don't know a ton about hip-hop mixtapes, but I know that DJs mix live on stations like Hot 97 in New York and if a DJ thinks the song is really dope, they drop a ton of sound effects to let people know it's hot or maybe that it's the premiere of a big new track. At least that's my understanding. I haven't been deep into hip-hop since the 90s. DJs also just release their own mixtapes, which is a compilation of hip-hop with the sound effects, shout-outs and cutting. Household names are Funkmaster Flex, DJ Clue, etc. but I'm not really up on who's popular now.

Open to someone correcting me if I'm wrong, that that's where I think you hear that stuff. And it really doesn't limit itself to one style of mixtape or hip-hop. Although I think DJs in some markets do live-to-air stuff live from nightclubs for the radio on weekend nights, where then the music is danceable and more hype and they shout over it and do all that stuff to get the dancefloor going. I had a local DJ in my market do that on Friday nights live from a nightclub where I lived.
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I don't know how accurate this is for the rest of Dubstep, but Skrillex yells at least a few times that I have seen. I think. I dont really Dubstep
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sounds like the effects made popular in reggae dancehall music of the 80s. a lot of the underground reggae parties i went to back then the djs did a lot of what they call 'calling out' and you hear it on most reggae dancehall mixtapes from that era. hip hop djs and mcs caught on and started doing it, but i mostly hear it in dancehall-influenced tunes.
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Air horn blasts, yelling, and gunshots? Could it be reggaeton you were listening to?
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AppleTurnover is correct!

DJ Kay Slay uses gun shots and he's on hot97 on thursday's from 12am-2am and 9pm-10pm(

One group that uses gun shots is D-Block(
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Great links, basketballandinternet!

I was near Miami for work, was on the low end of the dial and happened upon a dude called DJ Suicide on Blaze FM. It was so off the hook!
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Bahro: that's the first link at the top.
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