Marketing to specific groups : Latino edition
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Can you share your resources on marketing to the Latino community?

Hello there, I am working on a number of marketing efforts (B2C) geared toward the Latino community (in the Midwest, if that helps). Can you recommend any resources you found useful in this endeavor? (textbooks, books, market research white papers, blogs..etc?) Thanks!
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UNO Branding Group is one to consider. They are based in the Midwest but their clients are national. Here is a presentation by Luis Fitch on the Hispanic market and marketing: AIGA and Multicultural Tips and Trends.
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I can't give you anything specific, but the non-profit I work for wanted to market to the Latino community and I discovered something unique about the market: they listen to Spanish radio stations together in a communal way. For example, if they have a family dinner or a neighborhood get-together, they almost always have the radio on and tuned to a specific station (called La Pantera here). I know that's painting with a broad brush, but I found that talking to a local Spanish radio station was a cost-effective way to hit this market. We found an expert in our field who speaks Spanish and had him go on the air and talk about our issue.

There are also quite a few people in that demographic who are Catholic, so reaching out to some local Spanish-speaking churches might be useful.
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