Games like Pikmin?
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I am looking for games like Pikmin with a puzzle-solving, world-exploring component. I have a Wii U and a 3DS (both of which are backwards-compatible to their previous iterations) and an old-ish Macbook.

If there is another platform that has a lot of these types of games, I might be willing to invest in it, but i'm not looking to spend $500 on the newest Playstation or whatnot.

Thanks, all!
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Little King's Story for Wii and Eco-Creatures: Save the Forest for DS may be your best options, according to this article. A couple newer Pikmin-like games (plus New Little King's Story) are available for PS Vita. Maybe The Wonderful 101 as well?
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Okami for Wii? (and if you like that, Okamiden for the DS)
A little larger in visual and puzzle scope than Pikmin, like a Zelda game, but similarly adorable and lush.
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Toki Tori 2+ isn't exactly like Pikmin, but it is fairly similar in the way that it's a bright, stylized, and non-violent puzzler which features heavily on exploration. You're also usually doing this by either stomping or tweeting to influence the creatures around you.
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You might like De Blob, a Wii game where you bounce around a continent spraying paint on buildings to, uh, fight fascism. IGN's video review shows some gameplay. I'm sure you can pick it up for very little cash these days.
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Any of the Traveller's Tales Lego games since Batman 2 would qualify as having a puzzle-solving, world-exploring component, I think. Earlier Lego titles would be more just the puzzle-solving bit, but still great fun.
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Zack & Wiki: Quest For Barbaro's Treasure was a good early Wii puzzle/platform title that got lost in the shuffle. The motion controls don't always work as well as they should, but there's plenty of things to mess with.
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Zelda? There are loads of Zelda games, from old to new, for those two devices. They're all excellent and they all have lots of puzzles and lots of exploring.
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Seconding Zack & Wiki! Also, Chibi Robo (though it's a Gamecube game and thus I think it might be no dice with the Wii U).

If you're feeling old school, download OpenEmu for your Macbook and find a rom for Fantastic Dizzy for the Sega Genesis. Lots of fun. And you can pair a Wiimote with OpenEmu so you're not stuck with just the keyboard controls.
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