Wii Won't Work
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I think Hurricane Gustav killed my Wii. I lost power during the storm for five days and now the Wii won't come on. The "standby" light doesn't even glow.

I've moved it to different plugs. I don't THINK that it took a lightning hit, since there wasn't any lightning during the storm and nothing else on the power strip seems to be acting wonky.

Okay...even queerer. As I was typing this post, I ran across the street to my cousin's house to see if I could borrow HIS Wii power cable. And HIS Wii is dead, too. And his wife said that the same thing happened to my other cousin after the last storm...when the lights came back on, the Wii didn't work. She said that that one started working about a week later, though.

Any ideas? Also, does anyone know if I can get federal compensation for all the lost Wii Fit credits I earned? :)
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Best answer: Did you follow these steps?
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I've heard that Nintendo is pretty lenient in terms of fixing systems, even if they're out of warranty. I'd definitely call their tech support. I've heard of them fixing systems with mod chips and systems that were broken due to soda spilled on them, so weather damage sounds like it's not a big deal.
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Response by poster: Did you follow these steps?

No, because I'm an idiot. Thank you for your help. It's working again. And my little cousins thank you, too. They think I'm a genius.
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The exact same thing happened to our Wii after a power cut a few weeks ago. It's obviously a problem that happens to a lot of people, and it's easily solved -- Nintendo should really make it clearer in the troubleshooting section of the manual what to do (I had to search the support site for ages, and finally discovered the AC adapter reset buried within a general support article).
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